• PFC Store - Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device

    Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device

    @thegearjunkie “I noticed the benefits almost immediately.. Usually, after big training days, I have to take the next day completely off. But with the addition of the Hypervolt Plus into my post-recovery routine, I wake up the next day ready to tackle another ride, run, or climb.”

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  • PFC Store - Sanjeev Dewi on Sanctband Active products

    Sanjeev Dewi on Sanctband Active products

    Initially, I don’t really care about the brands, for me it’s just an exercise band. But recently I started using Sanctband, and I realized that there was a big difference in term of quality. Durability of Sanctband band surprises me. You would be shocked if you know how common exercise bands snap in others brands.

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  • PFC Store - Richard Watson on YBells

    Richard Watson on YBells

    “I have been using YBells since the first prototypes were developed in 2016. They are amazing and versatile pieces of exercise equipment which allow you to do a workout that would previously have involved 4 or more different sets of apparatus. They are great for strength training, weight loss or all-round fitness. I have lost over 15lbs since I started using them!”

  • PFC Store - Nicola Boardman on YBells

    Nicola Boardman on YBells

    “YBells have revolutionised my training regime and I absolutely love them! They are ergonomically designed and feel so natural to use. They are incredibly versatile and can be used instead of dumbbells, medicine balls or kettlebells, The best thing about the YBell is the all-round body workout they offer. Since I have started using the YBell, my fitness and agility have really improve!

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