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Sanctband Tubing with Handles | Portable, Versatile Exercise Resistance Band

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The Sanctband Active Resistive Extra Safe Multi – Layer Tube is known for its exceptional breakage resistance. Produced with the highest quality raw materials, our tubing is made from layer upon layer of bonded latex, for maximum strength and resistive elasticity with minimum risk of breakage. Our tubing comes with comfortable foam handles and can be hand held, stepped on, wrapped around a pole or affixed at any height to its accessory door anchor for an unlimited variety of upper and lower body exercises.

Product Features:
• Soft Grip Foam Handles
• Resistive Tube Length 1.5m
• Door Anchor & Instructional Manual

Benefits of using Tubing with Handle:
• Versatile, effective substitute for weights and machines
• Highly affordable and portable
• High quality rubber used in manufacturing
• Padded handles for comfortable and secure grip
• Excellent for training functional, multi planar movements
• 5 different resistance level to accommodate progressive strength training

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