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Stick Mobility

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Product Details

Stick Mobility Principals 1 of 2.png

Stick Mobility Principals 2 of 2.png

Stick Mobility is a training system that improves your mobility, stability, and strength.

The system combines joint mobilization, strength training, and deep fascial stretching to increase athletic performance, reduce risk of injury, and speed recovery.

The exercises use the Mobility Stick as a simple tool to create tension, leverage, stability, and body awareness. Regular practice will increase your range of motion, muscle activation, and coordination, to build a strong foundation for better movement.

The Mobility Stick is made with a custom blend of synthetic plastic and natural rubber designed to achieve the balance of flexibility, strength, and grip needed for the full range of Stick Mobility exercises.

Stick Sizes

2 Long + 1 Short (6ft + 6ft + 4ft)

We recommend starting with a bundle of 3 sticks in order to utilize the full range of exercises in the training system and videos. There are specific exercises for two long sticks, single long sticks, and short stick movements that allow you to work the entire body efficiently.


Why 2 Long Sticks?

We recommend purchasing a bundle of three sticks in order to utilize the full range of exercises in the training system and videos. You will get the most out of your training sessions with two long sticks and one short. Having multiple sticks gives you access to a wider range of stretches and strengthening moves.


The use of more than one stick is both a regressionary or progressionary aspect of our system. Stability work can be challenging and two sticks allow for added stability so that the body and the central nervous system can learn to adapt to the new stimulus. Some exercises and stretches test contralateral and ipsilateral patterns which require the use of more than one stick. Stretches and movements may involve two sticks while hanging, twisting, pushing, and pulling in opposing directions to reach maximal ranges. The double Monkey Hang move is one example of when two sticks can be beneficial.

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Benefits :

Stick Mobility focuses on helping athletes, coaches, and medical practitioners from many areas of sports, fitness, and healthcare.

We have seen the Stick Mobility system improve users:

  • Functional range of motion
  • Joint stability
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Full-body strength
  • Coordination
  • Tissue quality
  • Athletic performance
  • Body alignment
  • Muscle activation
  • Motor control
  • Body awareness
  • Protection from injury
  • Recovery from injury
  • Recovery from exercise faster

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