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Venom Leg [Hyperice]

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The Venom Leg is a cutting edge, digitally connected wearable device that combines heat and vibration to warmup, loosen and relax muscles. Can be used on the knee, quad, hamstring, and calf.Venom Leg by Hyperice - Heat + Vibration Technology The wearable device that delivers heat and vibration to warm up, loosen, and relax sore/stiff muscles. This helps treat muscles in your leg fast and effectively, improving your range of motion up to 40%. The Venom Leg provides relief to the quads, knees, hamstrings or calves.The Hyperice Venom Leg is used to warm up, loosen, and relax sore/stuff muscles. Providing full coverage heat treatment for the quad, knee, hamstring, or calf. Manufactured using the industry's best technology, the digital touchscreen control allows the user to customize temperature, vibration pattern, and timer for the optimal heat massage. Ideal for recovery for all athletes of all sports.Venom Leg - Features a non-restrictive Premium Plush™ neoprene, providing a custom ergonomic design for a snug yet comfortable fit. Adjust to your liking, one size fits all. Can be used with either the left or right leg.

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